27 January 2014

Advantages of Sharing Info: Great-Great-Grandmother Catherine Hughes

When I started working on genealogy, I had my grandparents' names and virtually nothing else.  It took some work and a lot of luck, but I was very fortunate to soon find other researchers who had been working for years and had all purposefully put their data online or published it in society newsletters, etc., to make it easier for others to find.  I think of their generosity whenever I meet genealogists who proudly proclaim they don't share their work.  I understand, and have had those thoughts myself..., but I know my research wouldn't be as far along as it is now without the help of others before me.

Today, I found Great-Great-Grandmother Catherine HUGHES' 23 July 1837 baptism in the Bishop's Transcripts of St. Thomas' Church in Dudley, Worcestershire, solely because of distant Cousin Judy and the info she shared with me several years ago.  She had done her research over years in the "dark ages" of genealogy research: alone, by hand, by snail mail, taking months to go from one clue to another.  Thank you, Judy! And, if you should see this, please contact me--I can't find you....

Line of Descent
John Hughes = Lydia Cooper
Charles Causier = Catherine Hughes
John Henry Carr = Ann Matilda Causier
Grandma, Bertha Maud Carr

FHL film # 350,620:  Pre-printed forms,  film starts at p. 230, goes to 300, and then starts over at #1 in about April.  Catherine's baptism is on the page numbered 64.  Unfortunately, Catherine's is one of the many which have only a baptism and no birthdate.

13 November 2013

100 Years Ago Today

My father was born in this house 100 years ago today.  The house (the building on the left) was part of the compound at the Logan Canyon power plant of Utah Power & Light where his father, Benjamin T. Hegwer, was in charge (I don't know his exact title).  There's another view of the yard and corner of the house here: obviously a different season!  The power plant and the house are still there today.  And, I still miss my dad.  He loved all things mechanical/technical and I know he would have been a blogger....

The neat thing about this photo is how well Daddy annotated it.  As with other photos, I have no recollection of having seen these before he died.  It also strikes me that I actually have photos that are more than 100 years old....

With Veteran's Day always the same week as his birthday and it being a 100th birthday, it only seems right to share some of Daddy's service photos.  This one is dated 2-3-43 and shows Daddy at the USO in Gulfport, Mississippi.  I believe he was at Gulfport for some specialized training.

According to the back, this group photo is an "Official Air Force Photograph" of July 1944 at "Army Air Field / Alexandria, LA."  The 6 men, from left to right, as labeled on the back in my dad's handwriting are:
P.W. Baker, PFC
___ Russel, Cpl
___ Bauer, Cpl
G. Hultman, S/Sgt -- crew chief
H.C. Hegwer, Sgt -- asst crew chief
___ Wilson, Sgt
(Below this list, it says Pfc Lindsey was absent.)

I hope that this photo makes its way to the families of the other men.  As far as I know, my dad was the oldest member of the crew.  

Can any of my dear readers identify the type of plane for me?

[All photo originals in MHD collection.]

11 August 2013

State of the Blog: Fourth Blogiversary!

Wow! Four years can fly by, can't it?

What is the state of the blog?  While my database was out of commission unexpectedly from April 2012 to April 2013, I had a self-imposed moratorium on any new research.  Since last blogiversary, 20 of the 22 posts in the last 12 months were written just since last April.  If I'm not researching, I couldn't justify blogging.  I tried to spend all my extra time figuring out the database problem.

I used to post annual goals for my research, and maybe I'll go back to that now that I'm back researching.  I did accomplish two of my oldest goals: attending a national genealogy conference (NGS) and visiting a new-to-me genealogy library (Carlsbad Public Library).

Giving back: I've made a concerted effort to give back to the genealogy community.  I volunteer for Souther California Genealogy Society, Find A Grave, and at least once a year for British Isles Family History Society.  To celebrate this blogiversay, I have made a proposal (and it was just accepted yesterday!) to lead a series of 4 introductory sessions at my local branch library as part of National Family History Month in October.

Database ramblings  ---  The question is not so much what features a different software package has, but "How well will all the details in an existing database transfer?"  My research was extensively and thoroughly sourced with detailed citations...not one of the dozen new programs I tried fully accepted all my citation detail. There were other problems varying from program to program.  I forced myself to pick a program and began using it to enter new names and other data, thinking I just needed to get used to it.  While doing so, I discovered the depth of the missing citation data.  Long talks with customer service...repeat attempts with previously rejected products...growing frustration with missing features and screen/print appearance....  My solution: give in, run Parallels on my new Mac and go back to Ancestral Quest.  I am happy again.  New Goal: find someone else who uses AQ with Parallels...I know I can refine the process some more!

Newest project:  To support my efforts at verifying ancestors of Isabella Shaw, I am reconstituting family groups of Millers and Shaws in Knox/Morrow County Ohio from 1800 to 1860.  So far, I'm using the numerous county history books and making a database of every Miller and Shaw.  We'll see...more on this one as it develops.

So, Happy Blogiversary to everyone!

19 July 2013

Carr & Causier on FindAGrave

I've spent a lot of time on Find A Grave lately.  This post is the first of probably several about my finds. For some locations, especially Vermont, FindAGrave has become a necessary part of my search regimen.  

For my Carr / Causier lines, my grandmother and all 4 of her direct ancestors who immigrated to the USA are at FindAGrave with bio info and photos of the markers!  Each memorial page includes links to immediate family also at FindAGrave.

I can use the photo of the Carr niche here because I'm the volunteer who took the photo and submitted it to FindAGrave.  Photos from FindAGrave can only be used with the specific permission of the submitter/photographer.

Here are links to my Carr & Causier ancestors at FindAGrave:

My grandmother
Bertha Maud (Carr) Causier
Bertha's father, John Henry Carr
Bertha's mother, Ann Matilda (Causier) Carr 
Ann's father,  Charles Causier 
Ann's mother,  Catherine (Hughes) Causier
Many, many thanks to all the other volunteers at FindAGrave who make all this possible! 

26 June 2013

Happy Birthday, Mommy

About 1945
Today is the 91st anniversary of my mother's birthday.  It has been a little over seven years since she died.

Mommy was one of the reasons I started genealogy: she knew nothing about any of her grandparents and she especially wanted to know something about her mother's ancestry.  Later, my research showed that only one of her grandparents had lived to see her birth and that grandmother died when my mom was 18 months old.

It was only when we were clearing out the house after my mother died that we found an old letter literally stuck between two boards in a high closet.  That 'find' eventually led me to connections that proved that my mother's mother's parents were Patrick Keating and Catherine Dooley.  My mother would have been so tickled to have that info.
Summer, 1948; Temple City, California

With every new thing I find, I think about what she would have said and how her face would have looked when I told her.  Here's the earliest surviving photo of the two of us.

I miss you, Mommy.

09 June 2013

Jamboree: Day Three

I'm sort of sad as I write this: home and no more conference to go to... but it was a great last day at Jamboree!

Records of the Poor in England with Kathy Warburton  --  What a great way to start the day! Excellent presentation, excellent notes in the conference syllabus.  She perfectly balanced history with records and how to find them.  I've got lots to follow up on here.  

Lost in Canada? with Dave Obee  --  After walking out of one room, I ended up here and I couldn't be happier.  And I don't have much reason to really research in Canada.... He was absolutely excellent! Syllabus notes, presentation graphics, and his sense of humor were all excellent.  His website, Can Genealogy, is like a Cyndy's List for Canada alone.  The session block was 90 minutes and Dave used the extra time so well that it all flew by.  I'd love to hear him on more topics.

After lunch, I went to the Demonstration Stage in the foyer for

Exciting Way to Use Google Earth for Genealogy with Lisa Louise Cooke.  I heard Lisa on this topic about 3 years ago and went again today mostly for lack of an exciting alternative.  But, I am very, very glad that the genealogy spirits took me back to Lisa!  She had done a lot more work and had new info to share.  As always, she was very well organized and had lots of content with clear examples. Note to self: I must work on using these techniques more and do a family history tour video.  It would be perfect for my Missouri trip photos and showing everything Cousin Donald took us to see.  I'll get Donald to help with annotations! I have to find a way to preserve everything he knows....

So, now, it's over... except for the fun I'l have going over the whole, huge 426pp syllabus and all the goodies from the exhibit hall and the notes I made to myself when inspired in a session and all the new websites and the list of great things goes on ....

08 June 2013

Jamboree: Day Two

I hit the exhibit hall first thing in the morning.  The highlight of that tour was a nice chat in the British Isles Family History Society table.

I was room monitor for a session in each of the next two slots.  Each speaker seemed unprepared for the presentation, one of them even began the talk by saying so!  Also, the content was not really what the descriptions said.  Had I not been room monitor, I would have left after 10 minutes and tried something else.  Consequently, I'm not naming names.

For my third session...
A Look at the FamilySearch Family Tree with Mike Provard  --  Right on topic, well organized, and a good overview.  I've stayed away from FS Tree, waiting for more of the bugs and tips to be worked out.  Now, I think I want to jump in, but there are issues I have to work through.   I'm still a bit bothered by the ease with which other users will be able to change my input.  Also, while gedcom uploads are possible, it doesn't really work with their structure of one tree rather than user "owned" trees.  Fixing the "duplicate" entries that a large upload would create would be awfully time consuming, but the thought of manually adding/checking a large number of people individually would be at least as time consuming.  And, then, if someone indiscriminately changed one of my well sourced entries ... This needs a lot more thought on my part, I guess.

Staying Safe Online with Thomas MacEntee  --  Excellent presentation on an important topic that requires seemingly constant study to stay on top of all the new onslaughts.  Lots of good tips.  I really like his inclusion of prevention and taking action against the perpetrators where possible.  Several helpful websites provided.

The free popcorn in the convention lobby was especially good! Less traffic on the trip home was nice.  Being passenger in a car with good popcorn to eat and little traffic is a great combination!

Daddy as Big Brother

Don't you love it when photos are fully labeled?!  This photo shows the Hegwer's in the front yard of their home at the Utah Power and Light Company power plant at Lifton, St. Charles, Bear Lake, Idaho where my grandfather was the superintendent. The fence posts you can see on the right run along the road and the north shore of Bear Lake would be on the other side of the road.  The power plant is a ways behind the photographer.

If Daddy had not labeled this photo, I still would have recognized the location and probably Grandma, but I would never had been sure about all the children, especially my own dad.  All my memories of him are with jet black hair!  I never knew they ever had a dog.

Both the older cursive note and the more recent (1979) printed note are in my father's handwriting.  Daddy has dated the photo as being from the late summer of 1918.  However, the info I've found on the births of the children make me think it's much more likely 1919 or maybe even 1920. If I'm right, Daddy is 6 or 7, the baby about 1, Margaret 4 or 5, and Ray is 3 or 4. And, if it's 1920, Grandma is pregnant with Leila.

If my dad's estimate is correct, he would be almost 5, Margaret 3, and Ray less than 2.  Don't you think Daddy is older than 5? And, Ray older than 2?  And I think it's very possible that Grandma could be about 7 months pregnant....  What I really need is an official birthdate for baby Harry.  My father left me with full birthdates for everyone except Harry, which he wrote only as 1918.  Census ages are consistent with his being born late summer 1919, which fits well with Grandma possibly looking pregnant here.